Special gratitude


This is my 139th post after trying to build the site of my dreams, sharing my work and experiences through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, and expecting that my words can be read by anyone in the world. I´d like to say that I have been enjoying my blog «ENTRE LOS SAUCES» for eight months already and the design possibilities with WordPress are wonderful. Thanks for that.

But the real reason of writing this new post in English is because I´d also like to express my deep gratitude to those readers from countries where Spanish is not the first or second language and, even so, I am sure that people do their best to understand the meaning of the majority of the different posts, and make a special effort to follow my poems, short stories or news with the same interest. It is believed that forcing oneself to read and/or think in a foreign language may call forth inner images connected with the culture of those who use that language.

According to my blog statistics, non-Spanish speakers from the next countries follow (sometimes/normally/often) «ENTRE LOS SAUCES»: Great Britain, USA, Canada, Italy, South Africa, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Nigeria, France, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Finland, Slovenia, Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Ukraine, Luxembourg, Japan, Ghana, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece.

My special gratitude to all those lovely bloggers and blog readers. You make it worth my time! I am lucky to interact with all of you. Thank you everyone for staying with me on this blog.

Happy New Year to you all!


© Antonio Fernández Ferrer


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